House hampers are terrific because they have such a wide range of uses. There are plenty of occasions people choose to gift a house hamper as a welcoming gift. That’s because they’re packed with all the goodies someone needs to settle in for a relaxing night in a new home. So, as a personal gift and also a business gift, house hampers make a lot of sense.

Who wouldn’t love to walk through the doors of their new home, carrying a hamper full of gourmet cheese, nibbles, deluxe chocolates and maybe even a nice bottle of wine? On a personal level, it’s just great to give gifts amongst friends. But on a business level, it can solidify a relationship and leave your customers feeling great about your company.

Here’s 4 occasions where house hampers make the perfect gift!

House Hampers Make The Perfect House Warming Gift

This is a fairly obvious one, right? Well, you’d actually be surprised how many people completely forget about hampers when choosing a housewarming gift. Have you ever agonised over the right gift for a housewarming party? You don’t want to be like everyone else and bring a bottle of wine, but you also don’t always know what people need. Buying something for house is a great idea, but there’s always a risk of duplicate gifts.

So, a beautifully prepared house hamper is the perfect solution! There are plenty to choose from, so you can pick one that your friends and family will love. From basic hampers full of delicious treats to more gourmet options including delicious bottles of wine, you can’t go wrong!

Real Estate Property Settlement Gift

If you’re a real estate agent, you know how important is to go over and above these days. In fact, the practice of gifting in the real estate industry has become par for the course, so if you’re not looking after your clients with thoughtful gifts, you’re falling behind your competitors.

When you settle a property contract, it’s a great touch to deliver a house hamper to the proud new property owners. In the whole scheme of a real estate sale, the cost to agents for a nice house hamper is minimal, but it has great effect.

The fact is, today’s home buyer will be tomorrow’s seller. Or, they could be interested in investment properties. Maybe even renting out their home. If you’ve made a great impression with a thoughtful house hamper, there’s every chance they’ll come straight back to you when their next real estate journey comes along.

Finance Broker Settling on a Home Loan

Much like real estate agents, there’s a commercial benefit to finance broker’s looking after their clients. For continued business, you certainly need to make a great impression on people. So, when it comes to finance brokerage, there’s no better time to help your clients celebrate than when they settle on a home loan.

It’s a huge step for most people, and home buyers like to know they’re dealing with people who care. There’s a lot of numbers and legal matters involved in a home loan. So, when the process is over, it’s refreshing to be greeted with a thoughtful gift.

Building Company Handing Over a Newly Built House

Building homes is big business, but it’s not the kind of industry where people are constantly walking off the street to build a home. Therefore, repeat business is crucial to the success of building companies. Also, word of mouth is a big factor in finding new clients.

So, once all the hard work is done and your clients are ready to move into their new home, why not show them you appreciate their business? House hampers are a great way to show appreciation at a relatively small cost. Happy homeowners will not only come straight back to you in future, but they’ll also tell all their friends!

Looking for the Perfect House Hampers?

If you want the perfect way to reward customers or simply celebrate with friends, check out our full range of house hampers today. Those happy new homeowners will certainly thank you for it!