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If you’re looking for the perfect corporate gift, you’ve come to the right place! Our range of stylish Corporate Hampers, filled with quality gourmet products, are designed to leave a lasting impression. The right corporate gifting strategy will improve relationships, enhance brand awareness, and create further opportunities for your business. So don’t leave it in the wrong hands.  Contact Gifted Hampers today so we can ensure your corporate gifts deliver the same level of quality and service that your business does. 

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What is corporate gifting?

Corporate gifting can take many forms, and the best thing is, it doesn’t need to be expensive. Generally, it’s a way to thank a new client for their business. Sometimes it’s a chance to boost employee engagement, or simply a gesture of goodwill towards key business stakeholders. It could be sending corporate hampers to another business, or simply sending a gift to staff on their birthday.

Corporate gifting is no different to any other form of giving, except instead of showing appreciation to family and friends, you’re showing it to business colleagues. People love giving and receiving gifts, and the practice helps relationships to grow. Here are 4 key reasons why corporate hampers are important in the modern world.

Corporate hampers build brand awareness

One of the most powerful results of corporate gifting is the increase in brand recognition. Word of mouth and peer-to-peer referral is still an extremely valuable commodity. In the business world, corporate gifting enhances your reputation as a great company to work with.

For example, by sending a Deluxe Gourmet hamper to clients, they’ll share it amongst their team for a celebration. So, not only is your brand on their mind when the hamper arrives, but again when they enjoy it. They’ll probably even remember your hamper when they hold other lunches or morning tea celebrations.

In short, gifting keeps your brand in front of your clients’ eyes, and everybody in the room knows where the delicious treats came from.

Strengthen existing relationships

When corporate gifting is done right, it doesn’t just need to be for special occasions. Corporate gifts like our Gourmet Goodness hamper are cost-effective and show that you care. Without breaking the bank, you can make an impact on customers when they least expect it.

You might choose to send a thoughtful hamper to clients 12 months after completing a sale. Alternatively, another great time is when you hear about some of their significant achievements. Keeping in touch on social media can alert you to key business events you can congratulate people on.

This practice strengthens your existing relationships, promotes your own brand, and even leads to increased customer loyalty.

Corporate hampers increase customer loyalty

Increasing customer loyalty should be a key focus of all businesses. Why? Because repeat business is business you don’t need expensive marketing for. Encouraging existing clients to keep coming back again is a great way to keep revenue rolling without spending a fortune on marketing.

Building customer loyalty can be done with a simple corporate gift every year on key anniversary dates. Consider how much effort and money goes into attracting new clients. It’s an expensive exercise, when giving cost-effective corporate hampers to existing clients could achieve the same thing.

Perfect for welcoming new clients

When a new client has signed a contract or engaged your services, why not make them feel welcome? People are more enthusiastic about new relationships when you make a connection, and you can do this with corporate gifting.

If you want to make a great impression on new clients, our Grant Burge Indulgence hamper is perfect. With beautiful wine and assorted gourmet treats, those new clients will know they’re dealing with a classy business. This sort of impression can go a long way to establishing yourself as a company that people truly want to work with. More importantly, it gets the relationship off on the right foot.

What our customers say...

Excellent service, excellent products and excellent prices.  Even got to customize one of the hampers which the receiver was so excited and happy with. Thanks Bianca (and Bevan) excellent service and I will recommend and use Gifted Hampers without hesitation.

Michael Hunt

What our customers say...

Such beautifully presented gift hampers, my last minute order was no problem at all. Highly recommend.

Amanda Manning

What our customers say...

Prompt delivery, no fuss purchase, all very smooth. Products were great, would purchase again!

Kai Wakefield

What our customers say...

The team at Gifted Hampers come highly recommended. They've catered for our hamper needs for many years, with very happy receiving clients.

Lee Green

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