Settlement Gifts

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Need To Bulk Order?

Placing a bulk order with Gifted Hampers is easy! Whether you’re ordering a number of hampers directly to one address or sending gift hampers to multiple addresses, simply complete your name & email address below & we’ll send you our corporate bulk order form.

Gifted Hampers never comprises on quality. You can rest assured your bulk ordered Hampers will be created with as much care as our single orders. There is no order too big for us!

What are the benefits of Settlement Gifts?

Building Relationships

The act of gift-giving is a special part of the human experience. Giving gifts strengthens bonds, builds relationships, and also lets the people in your life know that you appreciate them. Therefore, your customers will truly appreciate the extra time and attention you have taken to offer a gift.

Settlement Gifts Encourage Repeat Business

The buyers of today are the vendors of tomorrow, therefore gift-giving will promote the trust and loyalty you need to keep clients coming back. Studies have shown that expressing gratitude can certainly be a powerful motivator in getting clients to use your services again. 

Increased Referrals

Ask any experienced real estate agent where their best source of business comes from, and they will likely reply ‘referrals’.  Gifting clients during milestone occasions, such as purchasing a property, is a great way to increase customer satisfaction, which leads to an increase in referrals.

Settlement Gifts are Free Advertising

While gift-giving is more about just impressing customers, it certainly does have that added benefit. If you deliver settlement hampers to new home-owners, they may invite friends over to celebrate. When they’re all enjoying the delicious settlement hamper gifts you’ve given them, your business name is right there in front of an even bigger audience.

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